Four Hand Massage Lafayette La Near Me

Lafayette Four Hand Massage or why not try 8 Hands for total Harmony

We are not able to accommodate couples massages at this time. Our other therapist had to go out of town on a emergency family leave. Couples are welcome to come together and wait for each other to take turns with Chunying. The other party waiting to be Massage is welcome to wait or come in the room while Massage Therapy is being conducted with the other.

What is Four Hand Massage ?

Within a four hand massage, 2 therapists communicate with an individual customer, frequently using various synchronized moves. that involves squeezing tightly on feet points that practitioners suppose to call specific areas of the body. This massage work wonders should you suffer in a few arthritis. The volume of this massage is usually only half an hour as it works well for stimulating the foot area for this time duration only and boosts better health.

Four Hand Massage is a mirroring technique. The masseur will mirror the same massage and confusing you. This massage help you to know more about which client is doing good and which one is not good. Also it can stimulates your brain to follow the massage.

Because one time they touch one part and another time they touch different par of your body.

This body massaging is really confusing for your mind. But once you focused on four hands then your concentration will be sticky. You no need to worry about focusing.

If you are went for long travel then four hand massage definitely help you to get relaxation. The two hand massage is better than four hand massage. That is why people often take this massage.

There are some Ayurveda tradition which gives 8 hand massage which is more advanced concept. But four hand massage is enough for getting massage season done.

Four hand massage is not like other massages. Because many of the massages are not like four hand massage. The constant rubbing, kneading and strokes will not get you into fall asleep. But 4 hand massage you can get into sleep. Because it is a slow process. This process will help you to sleep well and it is completely acceptable.

This is the best way to relax your body and mind.

Four Hand Massage Prices

60 minutes $120.00

90 minutes $180.00

120 minutes $240.00

8 Hands Massage Prices

60 minutes $240.00

90 minutes $360.00

120 minutes $480.00