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Those fearful of needles or unnerved by the general idea of acupuncture  have another option for accessing the power of ancient Chinese healing practices. Acupressure is a related practice that heals the body without any sharp objects. A practitioner uses their fingers to adjust or press on certain areas of the body. This simple technique is similar to a massage but offers many healing benefits. The following article describes the most important acupressure benefits for your health.

Top Acupressure Benefits You Don´t Want to Miss

1. Clear Blockages

The human body sometimes needs unclogging and realigning. Acupressure targets areas where the body has a problem. A specialist will work with problem areas to remove any blockages. This process opens the flow of energy throughout the body which allows the body to heal itself.

2. Removes Toxins

Everyone faces many stresses in everyday life. The pressures of work and family create tensions while facts like the food one eats, the environment and a lack of mobility can led to toxins entering and staying in the body. The body is resilient and can heal itself but sometimes needs extra help. Acupressure enables better energy and lets the body flush out toxins that it has come into contact with. This also eases tension and reduces stiffness and anxiety in the body.

3. Relaxation

Relaxation is one of the most important acupressure benefits for many people. Everyone needs a way to unwind after long weeks and release stress. Acupressure is well liked because it uses ancient practices and is less invasive than acupuncture. It is similar to a massage but focuses on certain key areas. However, it still produces the relaxation that a massage provides. Acupressure soothes sore muscles and leaves a general feeling of well being. Those who suffer from anxiety or muscle aches find that acupressure is a great relaxation benefits. This can also put people in the right mindset for the following days.

4. Controlling Pain

Those who suffer from frequent pain have been known to benefit from acupressure. It can even help those who are going to undergo difficult events like surgery or pregnancy. Using acupressure before and after surgery or during pregnancy can reduce the amount of pain one feels. It can help with anything from morning sickness to reducing labor pains.

5. Natural Treatment

Many who do not like using pills and chemicals turn to acupressure for natural relief. This treatment is liked because it is safe, and there are usually no side effects. Those who have not had luck with traditional medicine or just refuse it find healing through acupressure. Many treatments may use traditional methods in addition to acupressure to provide the best chance of healing.

6. The Physical Realm

Experts are adept at using acupressure to heal the aches and pains of the body. Those who have neck or shoulder pain, backaches, headaches or stomach pains can use acupressure to feel better. Unlike message therapists, acupuncturists do not just massage the problem area. For example, shoulder pain is alleviated by pressing on a point on the elbow. They know which areas of the body correspond to each other and can reduce everyday ailments.

7. The Mental Realm

Key points on the body can help channel energy through the body when one suffers from mental blockages. These problems can include lack of concentration, anxiety, loss of energy, mental challenges and more. This is an easy way to combat disorders and deficiencies that occasionally crop up in a person’s life. The benefits of the energy released combined with relaxation helps defeat these challenges.

8. Serious Issues

Acupressure cannot miraculously cure serious illnesses but many believe that it aids in treatment or helps the mental state of an individual. Acupressure is used by those with high blood pressure, cancer, depression, diabetes and asthma. Many patients use this treatment in addition to other procedures.

9. Other Acupressure Benefits

Acupressure may also be beneficial for those with:toothaches,menstrual pain,dizziness,insomnia,indigestion,motion sickness and constipation.

Everyone faces some pain or stress in their everyday lives, and they look for ways to relieve issues. Acupressure has many benefits that can help anyone with a number of areas. The safe, simple procedure is popular for those with common ailments or serious illnesses. The healing power of acupressure continues to help many individuals.

Acupressure Massage Therapy Prices

30 minutes $40.00

60 minutes $60.00

90 minutes $100.00