Dry Massage Therapy

Dry Massage therapy in Lafayette Louisiana

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As the name goes, a dry massage doesn’t include any oil application. A dry massage is usually a full-body massage that’ll be pretty intense because it could involve stretching and working on your body’s pressure points. Take a Thai massage or Chinese massage for example, and you’ll get a dry massage at its best.

Now, you may say, “I’ve tried a Thai/Swedish massage, so will it count as a dry massage too because it’s part Thai?” No, it won’t be a pure or traditional dry massage. For instance, if you get a traditional Thai massage, then you’re going for a dry massage that’ll be powerfully rough yet rejuvenating. If you go for a fusion Thai/Swedish, then it will usually incorporate oil and combine aspects of both Thai and Swedish massage. 

Apart from the Thai and Chinese variants, there are countless Asian styles that’ll be done without any oil or lotion. Because this massage style is darn intense and doesn’t involve the use of any specific lubricant, it’s always advisable to wear comfortable, loose clothing while getting a dry massage. Plus, since there isn’t any lubricant, a dry massage will require therapists to work pretty hard. This massage type will have therapists using their knees, elbows, arms, feet, and hands for offering intense bodywork. 

Why should you get a dry massage?

•    Your body will reduce its stress levels.
•    Because of its reduced stress levels, your body will be refreshed.
•    Blood circulation of your body will be improved.
•    This bodywork focuses on body and mind.
•  You’ll improve your body’s flexibility with this.

Dry Massage Prices

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Massage Therapy Prices

30 min $40.00

60 min $70.00

90 min $110.00

120 min $140.00

Chair Massage

10 min $15

20 min $30

30 min $40

60 min $70

Foot Massage (Reflexology) Prices

30 minutes – $40.00

60 minutes – $70.00

20 Percent tip is customary for Massage Therapist tip.