Lake Martin La Kayak Rentals Pack and Paddle Kayaking instructor Guide

Lake Martin La Kayak Rentals Pack and Paddle Kayaking instructor Guide


Lake Martin and it’s Cypress Island Preserve attracts thousands of visitors from across the globe to see this fantastic wading bird rookery.  The way to experience this natural wonder best is in a kayak.  Quiet, Eco friendly, and able to get in places that normal tour boats can’t – a kayak is the perfect craft for this environment.

Our tours – conducted daily – guide you through a Cypress cathedral adorned with moss and overflowing with bird life.  You will witness some of the most beautiful areas of this 800 acre lake.  Our experienced guide will take the time to acquaint you with the lake and its inhabitants as you paddle.  As the afternoon turns to evening, and the sky turns from blue to shades of fuchsia and yellow then finally deep purple we will arrive back at our launch with memories that will last a lifetime.


  • $59 per person.  Tours last 2 hours.
  • Our tours happen at leisurely pace.  You’ll have time to take photos, and witness nature.
  • The average tour size is less than 5 people.
  • If you don’t have your own waterproof case, your guide will keep your phone in their dry bag.
  • Anyone can do it!  Kayaks take little to no instruction.  You’ll be comfortable immediately.
  • Minimum age is 11 years old.
  • For people over 275 pounds, please email after you sign up.

Meeting Place:
All tours meet at the public boat launch at Lake Martin.  1321 Rookery Rd. Breaux Bridge, LA 70517

Lake Martin is home to Herons, Egrets, Ibis, Roseate Spoonbills, Osprey, Frogs, Alligators, and many others.  Depending upon the season, you may see migratory songbirds as well as Bald Eagles.  Your kayak is the perfect eco-friendly craft to observe the swamps in a quiet way – allowing you to experience so much more than a typical boat tour.

Help protect Lake Martin Louisiana public access. Call Louisiana Governor JOHN BEL EDWARDS

State of Louisiana Created Lake Martin Louisiana in 1950 by signing a agreement with the private land owners who land circle all of the Land that goes all around the Lake . The Chauffe Family has all the Land from the boat Landing back towards the Lake where it touches Nature Conservatory Land in the Lake. The State used these leases all around Lake Martin to flood there Land to create Lake Martin.

The agreement was that the lake would be used for the public and State access into Lake Lepoite making the Game and Fishing Preserve that people come all over the world to see our last natural beauty left in St. Martin Parish and In the State of Louisiana.

A Commission was formed that was years later decommissioned and the lake was handed to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Since that time Lake Martin Louisiana has been forgotten by The State of Louisiana.

Since then the Boat Landing has crumbled into a accident waiting to happen and there are commercial operations with alcohol permits and boat tours. The liability has reverted back to the Land owners.

The people of St. Martin Parish are convinced that the State of Louisiana has forgotten about Lake Martin Louisiana Located in St. Martin Parish.

Land owners have given up on local Parish Government and the State of Louisiana to come in and take responsibility for there lack of interest in Lake Martin.

Now Land owners are forced to block and post there property to escape the liability they were forced to accept. Saying nothing and doing nothing will pave the way to the whole lake being shut down because the liability that tourism put on Lake Martin.

Lake Martin Parish has no help and the local land owners cannot afford the money to hire legal representation to protect the interests for the Public and State access into Lake Lepoite.

The commercial operator make a incredible amount of money from Tourism. Why should the Land owners have to pay to fight for public access. Why Should Land owners take all the liability for the commercial activities in the Lake.

All the people going to Lake Martin and supporting commercial activities in Lake Martin Should step back and look what is really going on. If you liked Lake Martin ? Then you should take the time and voice your concerns to everyone involved in letting Lake Martin to be closed to the Public access.

Many of you who love Lake Martin knows someone who wants to make a difference in this world. If you have been blessed with money or influence to the higher powers in the State of Louisiana then take the time to donate or just pick up the phone and call the Governor JOHN BEL EDWARDS and ask him for help.

How to Contact John Bel

Click here to write to John Bel Edwards

John Bel Edwards is an American politician and lawyer serving as the 56th Governor of Louisiana since 2016. He was previously the Minority Leader of the Louisiana House of Representatives for two terms.

Lake Martin Louisiana State Servitude 1950

Lake Martin Louisiana used to be Lake Lepointe. In 1950 Louisiana State Legislation created Lake Martin with Legislate power to form a Maranda line which represents the Servitude which gives the public and State Access into Lake Lepoint. With out this the Servitude is abolished and the local property owner can shut there portion of the lake down and developed commercial structures inside the lake. Land owners will be able to harvest new growth of Cypress Tress and make money clearing room for cabins and water based casino.

We the people need to look at everyone who is responsible for the Servitude being lost to a commercial business in our Bird and fishing sanctuary that was legislatively mandated by our legislators in 1950.

Remember St. Martin Parish Sheriff Race 2019 Parish and your 2020 judge race. These people was or is responsible to protect our Lake by mandated Legislative by our Louisiana constitution. Your voice Matters. Speak up Election Day and choice the right candidate who will protect our rights as Louisiana Citizens.

Servitude, in Anglo-American property law a device that ties rights and obligations to ownership or possession of land so that they run with the land to successive owners and occupiers.

In contemporary property law, servitudes allow people to create stable long-term arrangements for a wide variety of purposes, including shared land uses; maintaining the character of a residential neighbourhood, commercial development, or historic property; and financing infrastructure and common facilities. The owner of property burdened by a servitude cannot unilaterally terminate the servitude or transfer the property free from the servitude without the consent of all the beneficiaries. Thus, whether or not they expressly agree to its terms, subsequent owners and occupiers are bound to follow the servitude. Land-use arrangements implemented by servitudes range from simple driveway easements and covenants prohibition nonresidential use of subdivision lots to complex declarations that provide for the physical and governmental infrastructure for , condominiums planned developments, or private towns.

Lake Martin Louisiana soon to be Closed to Public if we do not speak up to our Parish President and Judge deciding the outcome of Public access to Lake Martin. Join us April 8, 2019 in St. Martin Parish Courtroom.

Lake Martin Louisiana will soon be closed to the public if we do not stop the State and Parish from allowing the Servitude to be abolished by Selfish Land Owners and illegal tenants sitting inside the servitude that was created by legislation in 1950 making Lake Martin one of the State Lake in Louisiana.

Join us this April 8, 2019 in St. Martin Parish Court House for the trial that will determine the faith of Lake Martin being open to the public or not to be open to the public.

Show our Public Servants , Parish President & Judge we will not allow them to remain in office without our Votes if they do not protect our last natural resources open to the public in St. Martin Parish on April 8,20019 at 400 St Martin St, St Martinville, LA 70582

Please Help Save Lake Martin