Allstate auto insurance Complaints in St. martinville Breaux Bridge Louisiana protects hit and run customers Casey Toucheck 1025 Ruth Dr. St. Martinsville Louisiana

October 7, 2019 I was involved in a hit a run with Casey Toucheck of 1025 Ruth Drive. Casey was driving aggressive and riding within feet of my bumper. We stopped in traffic with many cars when he came out in the middle of the road around my car and side swept my car to get in front of me with many cars waiting for the flow of traffic to return forward. He then ran from the accident and I called 911 where I then kept in sight of him till we caught him on the other side of I-10 at Poches Bridge. The Breaux Bridge Police department did not give him a ticket. They took two statements and said they would let the insurance fight over it. If any one comes in contact with this man should be aware he live on a street with many low income people with chemical dependency. His road rage and lies on his statement is a clear sign of someone crying out for help to get off of the chemicals that he learn to get addicted to in St. Martin Parish. I would stay away from this man. He works for a yard service company. They drive a white 4 door truck with the sign of the yard company on the drivers truck. They has been allot of robberies in the area of south of breaux bridge and these have been from people with chemical dependency who are trying to support there drug habit. Remember Allstate in Louisiana will protect there drivers if you don’t have witnesses or a film of this happening. I wouldn’t recommend Allstate in Louisiana to anyone.