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Our mission at Louisiana Massage Therapy Clinic is to provide a calm and welcoming atmosphere so that you can benefit from our professional, therapeutic treatments. All Of our therapists are registered, each with a unique skill set, and individual massage style.

Mrs. Chunying Li is the Lead Massage Therapist LA8687 and Owner with her Husband . Chunying is a new generation of Chinese women who are trying to make a difference helping the community and changing the way that the community looks at Minority women from the Asian community.

We have two other therapists available on standbys for walk-ins. Please allow 15 minutes after arrival to start Massage Therapy session.

Chinese Massage Store have the most talented naturally ability people who are discipline and focus on the natural abilities that were handed down from there Parents, Grand Parents and five thousand years of evolution . A Chinese store can have a successful business in America and in China.

American Store have good Therapist too and they succeed in America, but they can’t succeed in China. People in China prefer there Chinese Massage Therapists.

Chinese People are very focus on family and good family Values. They are very clean and they are always working hard to learn new information and focus on working hard for there Children’s future and taking Care of there elderly Parents.

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Lafayette Mardi Gras and Massage Therapy

Near Cajun Field 3205 Johnston Street Lafayette La 70503. Massage Therapy 30 Minutes $40.00 60 minutes $60.00 90 minutes $90.00

After a fun-filled day celebrating Mardi Gras, listening to vibrant jazz in Cajun Field and exploring The Street of Lafayette , treat your body to a massage after a fun-filled day celebrating Mardi Gras, treat your body to a massage at Louisiana Massage Therapy Clinic at 3205 Johnston Street Lafayette Louisiana 70503.

Licensed Massage Therapists available Monday through Sunday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm


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