Lake Martin Recreational Resort LLC. Lake Martin Louisiana Private Membership Lake side RV Camping and day camping facilities

Lake Martin Recreational Resort is a private resort for private memberships. Daily, weekends, Holidays and Festivals Memberships are available. cabin Rental’s, Lake side weddings, and Reunions are available for Private members for groups and families. Primitive Lake Side RV Camping is available to members.

337-441-6577 call for more information

Premium Lake Side Primitive RV Private Memberships available the summer of 2023
Premium Private Membership Primitive RV Camp sites with the most beautiful view Lake Martin La has to offer
lake Martin Recreational Resort Office and Camping and day parking for Lake Side Picnics and fishing.

Mike Guillory is the direct descendent of the Chauffe family who owns the right to use his private family properties Trusts for commercial gain. The contract sign by my Grandfather Lynn Chauffe agreed to lease the property for Public access only. The State of Louisiana broke the lease when they allowed another landowner to break the lease by allowing a commercial operation to operate on State regulated servitude. The Parish and the State of Louisiana admitted in court that the private property can be used for commercial operations on State regulated land giving up by the State of Louisiana Wildlife and fisheries & The State of Louisiana.