Proclamation 74 JBE 2020

COVID-19 Information

Information in Reference to the Reopening of Massage Establishments:

Proclamation 74 JBE 2020 provides in Section 2, G), 7), a) – d) that Massage Establishments may continue operations subject to stated conditions.  Please see below.

7) All other businesses or organizations shall be allowed to continue operations, subject to the following conditions:

    a) No establishments shall exceed 50% of the total occupancy as determined by the State Fire Marshal.

    b) All employees and owners of such businesses shall maintain social distancing to the extent possible between themselves and members of the public and shall wear face coverings at all times if interacting with the public.

    c) Waiting rooms, lobbies, or other areas where members of the public may congregate (except for bathrooms) shall be closed to the public.  Members of the public should be required to wait outside, while maintaining social distancing, or in vehicles.

    d) Any business operating pursuant to this subsection shall follow the applicable guidance from the State Fire Marshal published at and the Louisiana Department of Health with regard to sanitization and disinfection.

SECTION 6:  Unless otherwise provided in this order, these provisions are effective from Friday, June 5, 2020 to Friday, June 26, 2020, or as extended by any subsequent Proclamation, unless terminated sooner.

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