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When most people think of massage therapy they think of deep and Hard Technique . Working into the muscles and tissue to work out knots and pains. But what is light touch massage therapy?

Light touch massage (also just known as light touch therapy) is as the name suggests, a message utilizing lighter touches. Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, acupressure, they are all focused on working as hard as necessary to help with the aches and pains.

Light touch therapy is a much less formal type of massage. The client often attends a session and stays clothed. Sessions can be short around 10-15 minutes at first. If you’re familiar with qigong or lymph drainage massage you will notice some similarities in the treatments.

The main purpose of a light touch therapy body’s natural energy session is to free the . Much like with acupressure, light touch techniques are designed to free the energy pathways. It uses a softer approach than acupressure, and no needles as you would find with acupuncture. So it’s a more accessible and softer approach.

The therapist will use  skin rolling and myogascial release by pinching at the skin lightly. Tailoring the session to the clients needs, and working on areas as specified. This can be carried out both laying down or seated.a

Light Touch Massage Definition

The definition of light touch massage is to perform light massage strokes to help release trapped energy and restore the body’s natural balance. By using only their hands, the therapist can resolve pains in the client’s body, and in the muscles and surface areas.

Light Touch Massage Techniques

The main techniques involved in light touch therapy involve two different hand shapes and motions. These are ‘V’ and ‘S’ motions. S motions across the spine and neck are sweeping motions that stimulate blood flow and release stress.

Massage Therapy Prices

30 minutes $40.00

60 minutes $60.00

90 minutes $100.00

Foot and Hand Reflexology

30 minutes $30.00

60 minutes $60.00