Louisiana Speckled Trout Wade Fisherman Mike Guillory

Louisiana Speckled Trout Wade Fisherman Mike Guillory

Growing up as a Louisiana Trout-fisherman as a young adult I would wade fish off the Texas City Dike in the protected shallows in Galveston Bay. That was my entertainment and relaxing Get Aways.

I was born in Lake Charles and raised in Houston Texas. I was 24 working for a College 4 day weeks and would have Friday – Sunday Off. That was great because everyone was working and I had more places to pick from to fish different spots. That day was a windy day and they had a incoming tied in the late morning.

I woke up early and drove to Galveston Texas and bought a quart of Live shrimp. I had a little Toyota pickup. I carried a two 48 quart cooler, 12 volt Car battery, 12 volt aerator, and My fishing Equipment.

You could catch 10 trout a day 14 inches and up at the time. That day the wind was out of the south west which brings dirty water to the beach front from Galveston Jetties to surfside in Freeport Texas.

When you are interning the Texas City Dike I fish on the left hand side. There’s a Protective cove from the wind there and the water is up to your waste when you are wading in the bay.

The water was fresh on the top so I fished deep where the fish were at the saltwater at the bottom. I used pee weights to keep the live shrimp down. I wound up catching a limit mixed bag sized of Texas Speckled Trout. Biggest one being 25.5 inches. Great day for fishing when you have no boat. I like wade fishing in Grand Isle in the bay when the water is choppy on the beach front in Grand Isle too.