Places with FOOT MASSAGE AT Louisiana Massage Therapy Clinic

A massage is not just an enjoyable way to pass the time. It offers a number of health benefits, from improved circulation to arthritis pain relief. If you’re feeling a bit tight, tired, or sore, consider treating yourself to a foot massage at Louisiana Massage Therapy Clinic

Louisiana Massage Therapy Clinic is a popular massage facility in Lafayette , Louisiana. They offer premium services like hot stone massages and neck massages. Their hallmark service and the namesake of the business is their foot massages. You can opt for a 30 or 60-minute foot massage or pair your foot massage with a shoulder or full-body massage for a more soothing experience. The highly trained technicians will ease muscle soreness, working with your body rather than against it to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the massage.

The atmosphere at Louisiana Massage Therapy Clinic is soothing and relaxing. Comfortable Foot Massage Chairs and lavish towels make you feel like you’re escaping into a dream. Bring a friend with you for an afternoon of relaxation. Foot massages are also a great couples’ activity. After you’re finished, every step you take will feel looser.

For repeating Customers visiting regularly ask Juli to verify each visit and receive the fifth session free. Example Customer visited four times for a one Hour Foot Massage the fifth time customer receives a free one hour Foot massage. 30 minutes Foot Massage $30.00 and 60 minutes Foot Massage $40.00. You can visit website to schedule online booking or call 337-909-0440 to book your appointment. Walk in welcome.

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