Four Hand Massage

Lafayette Four Hand Massage

What is synchronized massage?

A synchronized massage (four hand massage) is one in which two massage therapists perform a Swedish massage on one person. This type of massage is amazingly relaxing. It is an excellent way to relieve stress, calm the mind and move immediately into a deep state of relaxation.

Four hand massage benefits

The four hand massage benefits include increased circulation, intense state of calm, deep relaxation and stress reduction. It is easy to see how the four hand massage is not only wonderful to experience, but also has positive health benefits.

This combination of benefits restores a sense of calm to the entire body, mind and spirit, allowing one to find a bit of inner balance again.

After your experience and how often to have a synchronized massage

The synchronized massage is is a relaxing Swedish. Because deep work is not being performed, this type of massage may be received several times throughout the week, not to exceed five times a week.

For the most part, it will be up to you to discern how often you indulge in this luxurious massage. If you wish to discuss it with your therapists, please seek their opinion.

Always drink plenty of water following any massage or spa treatment. This is encouraged, along with limiting your intake of alcoholic beverages, to flush out toxins released during the massage and encourage hydration.

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